What we do

We make iron things, big and small ones. 🙂

Everything where cutting, welding, bending, drilling, painting and galvanic protection against corrosion of the surface, and much more is taking place – you can count on us completely.

We are able to process large volumes of orders from international and national customers, using our production capacities. We understand the importance of timely delivery of our part of the result in the supply chain of your production and provide international logistic support in order to pick up raw materials for us and deliver the finished products again to you, with careful attention to cross-border and customs procedures.

Below is a more than not complete list of custom made and contract manufacturing:

  • rack structures for carports and canopies
  • railings and fences
  • production of metal furniture structures
  • furniture and furniture parts for offices and co-workings
  • commercial equipment, shelving, equipment for cafes and restaurants (retail, storage and HORECA)
  • summer grounds for cafes and restaurants
  • production of metal items and things by drawings, sketches and schemes made by designers
  • reproduction and replication of parts according to the model
  • frames for static structures and mechanisms
  • frames, entablature and casings for technological lines
  • technology platforms and ladders (stairs) for industrial application
  • Support brackets, frames and frames for solar panels
  • lamps completed with solar panels
  • sculptures and architectural elements
  • advertising structures (metal elements)
  • modular and prefabricated buildings
  • mortar parts for monolithic reinforced concrete
  • and much more from metal and metal based …

In Ukraine, we are available to customers from all over the country, thanks to the possibility to place an order for manufacture of metal products according to individual orders, finished metal products, machines and equipment remotely, or send us materials or workpieces, receive an order with a Nova Poshta delivery service, and similar delivery services.

In case of large dimensions and heavy loads, we are keeping contacts with national and international road and sea transport companies and logistics services for the delivery of finished products, to receive billets and raw materials.

We are constantly developing our geographic coverage, so please, clarify in each separate case, individually, the availability of our services through our cooperation with shipping services in your country.

We always take care of the best delivery rates and quality of service to be available to our customers.

And also a bit more that you can find here:

  • Manufacturing of mortgaged parts and armature meshes for reinforced concrete
  • We also provide manufacturing, repair and repair of metallic medical and laboratory equipment, furniture for educational institutions (beds, tables, shelves, cabinets, chairs, desks, etc.).
  • We carry out painting and drying of large-sized products and constructions, as well as trucks, special vehicles and buses.
  • Manufacturing of metal structures, parts and products for designers, architects and construction companies
  • Metal structures for solar panels and furniture frames

We may use the materials provided by you, as well as to purchase materials according to your requirements, or use our own, depending on how it is prescribed by you.

Contact us for free advice, learn more about our capabilities and prices for the services you need, and send us your charts, drawings and sketches.