Corten steel, Sales of Cor-Ten

Cor-Ten steel, corten or weathering steel, “rusted” designer’s weather resistant black metal. Sales, supply, Europe-wide delivery, cutting, instructions for application.

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Non-EU Sales +380443606770 (UA, Kyiv)
Hot-rolled metal sheet (sheet metal) wire rods, of circular section, square, strip, I-beams (girder).


Cor-Ten, becomes especially popular due to its unique properties and aesthetic qualities, and similar patented materials, does not require special surface treatment and is used in the creation of metal structures, machine parts, architectural, landscape, design and art objects, As a carrier, fencing and finishing material. Due to the composition of the alloy, the material itself forms a patina, which almost completely blocks the access of moisture and oxygen and does not require the application of coatings to protect the surface. Patina looks like rust because of the high content of iron oxide, but does not allow moisture and does not exfoliate, preserving the metal layer under it. In this case the material changes color from the moment of installation, eventually acquiring a new more noble and self-sufficient shade. Weatherproof steel is durable, thus more sustainable (environmentally friendly) in production and creates low operating costs of the product.

Here you can always buy cor-ten, as well as other weathering steel, designer steels, special electrodes, rivets, and hardware from weather resistant steel.