About us

R-MetalliVabrik carries out individual and serial contract manufacturing and manufacture of metal structures, production of metal parts and products, services of priming and painting, applying of protective coatings, outsourcing of metal processing.

Realization of designer and architect’s ideas – that’s what we do. Our drawings get linear dimensions, shape, and weight and take their place in the real world. We are proud to support designers, designers, developers and startup entrepreneurs by taking part in the implementation of their most brave technical solutions. We love our work. And we do really iron things.

Be profitable, focus on designing, creating and selling your products. Pass all the tasks and heavy metal work on outsourcing to us. Rely on us to get your metal things made with European quality and on time.

Send your drawings and sketches, we will estimate the cost of the work and will do everything for you in the best way. If you do not have a designer or you need to complete engineering drawings, get professional advice, we have such features on board.

Contact us for free advice, learn more about our capabilities and prices for the services you need, and also send us your charts, drawings and sketches.